Operating theatre

Within this areawe'reproud to count with recognised doctors providing our patients with decades of experience using the most advanced technologies. Our operatingtheatre is one the largest in the private health sector of South California, which allow us to give the comfort and stability that our patient so much need. Awell as to provide our surgeonswith freedom of movement while performing surgery in a controlled environment. We count with two rooms- both with the same specifications-locatedjust a few meters from our Intensive-Care Unit. 

Withinthis area you will find: 

  •  Non-invasive and invasive Anesthesiamonitors
  •  LEDlighting
  • Fluoroscopy systems 
  • Laparoscopy tower with 2 screens 
  • Arthroscopy tower with 2 Screens
  • Portable electronic tourniquet system with  2 Ports
  • Crash Cart Defibrillator
  • Radiating heat crib