With our leading high gamma technology equipment, we can perform a wide variety of procedures such as 3D ultrasound, pathology detection during pregnancy, cavity ultrasound, breast biopsies, liver, etc., as well as colour Doppler.  All of these with a great image quality and sharpness, made by excellent doctors with decades of experience.  


Our 24-hour service is provided with environmentally friendly(developer chemicals free) state-of-the-arttechnology. Our equipment also counts with digital image quality, as with a space designed to protect the patient's much neededprivacy. Medical Centeralso counts with a portable x-ray equipment for the attention of   hospitalized patients that dueto their conditionsare difficult to mobilize. The studies are carried out by specialized radiologists and subspecialists in different fields, such  neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, cardio-radiography, etc. Results are ready in less than an hour, regardless of the time performed.