Insurance area

  • Visit us in our area of ​​insurance and agreements, designed to provide you with the best care and support  at the time of dealing with your insurance at no additional cost. Whether you need to start, continue or conclude a procedure with your insurance.
  • We collaborate with the best insurance companies in the country.
  • We are happy to help you with any national or foreign insurer.

How can we help?

  • We request authorization from your Insurance company prior to the surgical procedure.
  • We are happy to help you filling out the forms requested by your insurer. We always try to avoid any expense, however, if by conditions of your policy you have to make any sort of payment, we would assist you with your refund.

Things to consider before starting a procedure 

  • Deductible: refers to the amount of money that you agreed paying as part of a claim before the insurer liquidates the rest of the amount of the loss. Insurance companies offer them because they reduce the number of small claims, which are expensive to manage; This amount must be stipulated when you contract your policy.
  • Coinsurance: is a percentage charged to the insured, which is applied -once the deductible has been deducted-to the total amount of the expenses covered as medical expenses by the insurance. It is advisable ( as in the case of the deductible), to have a fund to prevent this expense just in case. 

Admission process 

  • Please, submit these documents at hospital’s main desk: –Letter of authorization, INE or Passport, insurance card and / or policy. 
  • Remember: It is mandatory to submit these documents or we will not be able to help you completing the admission process; according to the conditions of your policy, only when the deductible and co-insurance expenses apply, they can be covered by the insured at the time of hospital discharge.

Discharge process

  • In order to be discharged you need to check at the hospital’s main desk that you have your authorization letter. You also need to liquidate any expense not covered by the insurer such your deductible or/and co-insurance.
  • In order to avoid any unnecessary delay please feel free to pay at the hospital’s main desk at any time and then you can proceed to get refunded by the insurer. 

Emergency admission process

  • In case of emergency, please, do submit an official photo ID together with your insurance identification card or your policy.
  • At your entrance to the emergency area, Medical Centerwill contact your insurer to let them know that you are at the hospital, they will be provided with your presumptive diagnosis, and a treatment plan, together with the medical notes required.
  • We would then have to wait for the insurer's doctor to determine if your condition is covered by your insurance. Your insurer shall issue a letter of acceptance or rejection which is a process that normally takes from 8 to 24 hrs, depending on the insurer and that particular case.
  • While waiting Medical Centerwill always glad to help.
  • If your insurer would  issue a rejection letter, the costs must be covered by the insured at the time of discharge; Later we will gladly help you contact your insurer so we can arrange a refund.
  • In case of receiving the letter of guarantee and allocation of benefits, we will let you know what costs you should cover, such as your deductible, coinsurance, personal expenses and those that are, unfortunately, not covered by your insurer, which must be paid at the time of discharge.

Insurance companies



  • The insurer usually counts with a network of doctors, which can help you get better benefits, decrease deductible or co-insurance costs.  
  • If you have any further questions about your policy, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be always happy to help you.    


  • Each policy includes different benefits and exclusions and should be appropriate to your needs. Still, it is always important to check the conditions of your policy before using it, and thus avoid an unexpected event.     
  • For more information you can contact us at medicalcenter.convenios@hotmail.comor