Water Birth Care

We believe in a humanized care of childbirth where receiving, listening, providing guidance and creating bonds are our essential aspects of care. Medical Center counts with spacious, state-of-the-art, private delivery suites designed for you to have the freedom to walk and be accompanied by afamily member or partneras to supportyour birth plan and give you and your baby the utmost comfort. Whether you are planning to deliver your baby in bed or in water: we make every preparation and take every precaution to ensure that you and your baby are comfortable and safe. We count with a radiatingheat crib and everything necessary for the care of the newbornand the mother.In water birthwe help the mum-to-be to adopt certain positions in order to have the least painful and traumatic procedure. This area, as indicated by the NOM, it islocated a few steps from the Intensive Care Unit.  

Clinical Analysis Laboratories

Our services meets the highest quality standards, guaranteed by the PACAL certification in every area of the Laboratory.  

  • Hematologyand with hematopathology specialty
  • Inmunology
  • Clinical Chemistryor immunochemistry
  • Bactereology
  • Hormonal Studies
  • Special Studies
  • Coagulation Studies
  • Microbiology
  • Coprology
  • Urianalisis
  • Tumormarkers      


Opening hours: 

Ordinary studies: Monday to Saturday 7 am to 8 pm 

Emergency studies: Monday to Sunday 24 hrs 365 days  

Operating theatre

Within this areawe'reproud to count with recognised doctors providing our patients with decades of experience using the most advanced technologies. Our operatingtheatre is one the largest in the private health sector of South California, which allow us to give the comfort and stability that our patient so much need. Awell as to provide our surgeonswith freedom of movement while performing surgery in a controlled environment. We count with two rooms- both with the same specifications-locatedjust a few meters from our Intensive-Care Unit. 

Withinthis area you will find: 

  •  Non-invasive and invasive Anesthesiamonitors
  •  LEDlighting
  • Fluoroscopy systems 
  • Laparoscopy tower with 2 screens 
  • Arthroscopy tower with 2 Screens
  • Portable electronic tourniquet system with  2 Ports
  • Crash Cart Defibrillator
  • Radiating heat crib

Medical Center Exclusive Services

  • Geneticmedicine: timelydetection and treatment for congenital diseases, as well as genetic counselling, genetics of reproduction.
  • Handsurgery and microsurgery, brachial plexus surgery.   
  • Oncological gynaecology. 
  • Minimallyinvasive laparoscopic surgery, as well as bariatric surgery for those who need to lose weight. 
  • Minimallyinvasive spinal surgery. 
  • Neurosurgery.
  • Interventionistradiology.
  • Clinical Psychologist.



With our leading high gamma technology equipment, we can perform a wide variety of procedures such as 3D ultrasound, pathology detection during pregnancy, cavity ultrasound, breast biopsies, liver, etc., as well as colour Doppler.  All of these with a great image quality and sharpness, made by excellent doctors with decades of experience.  


Our 24-hour service is provided with environmentally friendly(developer chemicals free) state-of-the-arttechnology. Our equipment also counts with digital image quality, as with a space designed to protect the patient's much neededprivacy. Medical Centeralso counts with a portable x-ray equipment for the attention of   hospitalized patients that dueto their conditionsare difficult to mobilize. The studies are carried out by specialized radiologists and subspecialists in different fields, such  neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, cardio-radiography, etc. Results are ready in less than an hour, regardless of the time performed.

Hemodialysis Therapy

This area is at our patients disposal 24 hours a day throughout the year, either for scheduled treatments or emergencies. When your kidneys fail, you need help to eliminate toxins from your body, for which we put at your disposal this Fresenius 4008 equipment, unique in the whole state.It helps us providing you with better results, in a shorter time as reducing the risks of prolonged exposure to a hemodialysis therapy.


In operation 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, we have at our patients disposal a wide range of products for pharmaceutical, hospital use, wound healing material and osteosynthesisas an urology, oncology,cardiology team among others. We count with extensive experience in distribution, three branches at your disposal and highly competitive prices.   

 Medical center is always  your best option.

Emergency And Urgent Care  

When it comes to an emergency Medical Centeris your best option:Our Bilingual ER doctors are licensed, specialised  trained, experienced, and accredited by the American Heart Association, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, BasicLife Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support. Every year they rotate to the most prestigious American hospitals as part of their refresher courses, which allows Medical Centerto standardize the emergency care processes based on the International criteria. 

Within the emergency area you will find:

  • Trauma Room Shock 
  • 5 Observation areas
  • Consultancy
  • Central Emergency Nursing 
  • 2 Operating Theatres
  • Access to ICU 

Medical CenterER has the best equipment for your care.  


Whether you're seeking care for yourself or visiting a loved one, we'll support you every step of the way. Our spacious, state-of-the-art, privatesuites are designed to support your stay at Medical Centerin order to give you the utmost comfort. With that purpose we provide you with electric hospital beds simple to operate, sofa bed, armchair tailored for the comfort of relatives, an area designed for food intake, flat screen TVs with full access to premium channels, bathroom with support for the patient safety needs, adjustable shower heads and hospital chairs, private telephone line, oxygen and suction drains, equipment for the continuous monitoring of the patient: Everything is designed to make you feel at home. Always under the supervision of our medical and nursing staff: with us you are in the best of hands day and night.

Intensive Therapy Unit

This area counts with an excellent equipment such as assisted ventilation systems, vital sign monitorswith invasiveblood pressure, among others. The unit have been designedin pursuance with NOM, the Mexican Official Standard in force, to attend our patients with a highly skilled medicalteam withina compassionate, respectful environment. From top doctors and specially trained nurses to nutritionists and respiratory therapists, you are in the best of hands day and night.